Saturday, 9 July 2011

What did you think of LE?

Hey Guyz! Anyway, i think the latest LE is actually decent compared to the last! Especially the logo and advert! As this post it LE themed, i thought i'd round up a few le logo's from the past!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Miss Sixty

New miss sixty has now come out and truly, it's a mega event. 
I must say, some of it is tacky, but most of it is nice!  The jeans and blouse above are just lovely, i'd buy those!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hey readers!

We now have a cool graphic designer fashionistat and she will be giving us a banner by latest thursday! This blog will be up and running looking cool by atleast next week! Thanks for your support, i hope we'll make it!

Monday, 27 June 2011


I am excited to announce that JK ROWLING has revealed Pottermore!

From a young age i've read page for page of the Harry Potter books! I thought they were great and I'm sad it's come to an end, but the movies, not quite. But now we are assured it'll never end! With a new website by JK ROWLING called Pottermore! You sign up and 1 million fans get picked in July and then all the people who have registered can join in october! It's an online world and you get your own character, your own letter of acceptance from Hogwarts and you get assorted into a house! You find more reading material and you can be your own person in the harry potter world! TO REGISTER GO TO

Go to Pottermore on stardoll to join the club! - I have!


Yes, another blog has officially opened! Some of my other projects have failed miserably so i hope this will be good! I wrtie for ooops magazie, BFM, stardolls voice and starchels2010! I know thats a lot of a work load, but i can deal with it and i do take on more! Also here we will write about anything, I am willing to accept writers and graphic designers, please share your ideas and please look at those other blogs I have mentioned!